Keep the old licence plate design

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Keep the old licence plate design

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Let's change the plates! Oh wait, here's our options:

Until we can come up with something better, the old licence plate design should stay. If we do need to invest in a new licence plate design, we have many talented Albertan designers who could participate in making something we can be proud of. Why aren't they included?

This petition is a commentary on the method of public engagement/consulation, the involvement of design professionals, the merits of the proposed designs, and finally a justification for the expense.

This petition is not affiliated with a political party or agenda.


Here are some of our concerns in further detail: 

1. Public engagement concerns 

This petition would like to raise concerns as to how the Alberta government manages public engagement or public consultation. A three option poll is not consultation - it is more the illusion of consultation. 

Polls like this rarely deliver valuable mandate for a meaningful decision - so why do we continue to use this format? 

We understand that public designs can be difficult and there are many motivations and perspectives to respond to, but the current method pays lip service to public input. Even including an option to prefer no change would be an improvement. 

2. New does not equal better 

These designs are new, but they do not look to be better either in terms of performance or aesthetic. The government needs to present a solid case as to why these designs are better than the current plate. 

We understand that a new coating will be applied to the plates, but there are many other considerations are left unanswered: 

- Is the information useful? 

- Is this plate more legible/understandable? 

- Is it unobtrusive? 

- Is it long-lasting? 

- Is it cost-effective? 

- Does it represent the entity it is designed for?

- Is it simple? 

From this short list of questions, the current plate would still be a better option. 

3. Letting experts be experts 

There are a number of qualified people within Alberta who could help the government develop and propose a design that would help address relevant and important design considerations. 

From what we've seen, the designers of the new proposals have not been announced or identified and their rationale for their design decisions has not been delivered. 

A licence plate is not an insignificant representation of Alberta. Whatever we choose as a design, we need to be mindful of how the design represents Alberta, as well as the character and culture of its citizens. 

4. Is the effort worth the expense? 

Is this project worth the expenditure? The cost has been stated, but it is still up for debate if the changes to the design merit an expenditure. 


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