Provide Foothill and De Anza Faculty Cost Of Living Adjustment to end Faculty Protest

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The Foothill and De Anza Faculty Associations have been forced to protest against the neglect to distribute funds to accommodate the increase in the cost of living for faculty in the form of a COLA(Cost of Living Adjustment). The Faculty Association has agreed that a 1.56% increase in salary for a single year would be sufficient to accommodate professors, but the district is not willing to provide this.  As a result, both teaching staff and the Faculty Association feel as if the district is not properly respecting their needs. Many of these teachers go above and beyond the call to help their students, whether it's contacting them through email, setting up appointments for those who cannot attend office hours, and helping advise both clubs and events. As most of us students are also impacted by the increased cost of living due to the ongoing housing crisis, we stand alongside our professors in their attempt to protest for a one time increase in salary. At the moment, we approve of the actions that our professors are taking to express their disapproval, including working to contract. While we approve, these actions are harmful to the students who are an active part of the Foothill College community, as many events planned by students must be approved by Foothill College professors before fruition. As a result of the actions of our district, our colleges students are not able to hold successful events that require the aid of professors, such as the STEM Social, Physics Olympics, and the Graduation Ceremony. Although events like these are possible, it will involve a lot more effort on the behalf of students and other staff to plan, and will most likely not be as successful without professors to help us. We, the students of Foothill College and De Anza College, have come up with this petition to show that we stand alongside our professors, and believe that it is the district's duty to accommodate the requests of the Foothill and De Anza Faculty Associations in order to not sacrifice the success of Foothill and De Anza College students and the Foothill and De Anza College campuses as a whole.