Repeal The House and Lanyard System at Doral Academy Fire Mesa

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ATTENTION: This is a more private petition. All users not currently enrolled in a Doral Academy, this is not the petition you're looking for. We simply used this site to protect and preserve all signatures, as well as make the petition more accessible.

Ever since the introduction of the lanyards and houses, it has been a dreaded system. Full of flaws, holes, and executed terribly, we believe that our school was doing significantly better before the implementation of this system, and want to return it to the way it was.

When this system was first introduced, we all knew how it would turn out. The teachers gave up, no longer assigning house points or even checking for lanyards. Many of the students even forgot about the system or parts of it by winter break. We believe this was because of the terrible implementation. Only three teachers actually made an effort to enforce this system, allowing gaps in the school where the rules basically didn't apply. We, at first, believed this may have been a good idea, but not put into practice efficiently. Since the students no longer take it seriously, our solution is to simply remove it.

Recently, a new lanyard protocol was established. This cracked down on the lanyard sharing and lack of lanyards. We believe that this too will fail and that instead of trying to revive a broken-down,  inefficient system, we should go back to how things were during the 2016-2017 school year.

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