Please Help Humboldt RCMP understand the importance of stopping Animal Cruelty

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Based on research done by the SPCA there is a proven link between animal abuse and domestic abuse.  Companion animals are used to control victims of domestic abuse.  There is a case in the Humboldt/Watrous area that is especially vile.  It is a beastiality case that the Humboldt RCMP have been aware of since the beginning of August.  To date there has been no progress on the case, the dogs are still at the residence of the offender.  Requests from the complaintant for updates and information on the case have gone unanswered.  Not only is this a heinous crime but it is an indication of serious mental issues that need to be addressed.  Not only do the dogs need help getting out of there but the perpetrator obviously needs some serious counselling as well.  As this is a criminal code offence the Animal Protection Services for Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan SPCA are not willing to help which just boggles my mind that organizations created and funded to protect animals can just turn a blind eye to this situation.  Please help us get these dogs and human the help that they need.