Call on Dgl Co Co to boycott block manufacturer responsible for defective blocks in Donegal

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Mica Action Group (MAG) was set up in 2014 to represent homeowners whose homes have been built with defective blocks in Co. Donegal. In 2017 through pressure from MAG an investigation by government into this issue estimated that between 4000-5000 homeowners/families are affected across the county.

MAG have analysed the registrations of homeowners and thus far, ONE key provider of concrete products in the county has been named by the overwhelming majority of homeowners. This manufacturer/supplier has done NOTHING to alleviate the pain and suffering of affected families. Families are fearful for their and their families safety due to partial or full collapse.  Some families have already been forced from their homes with nowhere to go.  Homes have become uninsurable, are worthless and continue to get worse all the time and still the supplier sits idly by and does nothing. 

To further compound this issue, Donegal County Council (DCC) have admitted that at LEAST 400 (and probably more) of their social housing stock is also affected. However, they continue to use this manufacturer/supplier in the county and act as if nothing has happened. This serves as an insult to affected homeowners.  It begs the question why DCC would accept that they have a significant number of affected social housing properties (paid for by taxpayers may we add) and yet they continue to use the supplier responsible.  In no other industry would this happen. This company MUST be held to account.

The Mica Action Group are calling on Donegal County Council to do the DECENT thing and to cease purchasing products from this manufacturer until a resolution to this issue has been found.