We request an executive order from the President to reschedule or decriminalize cannabis

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Our new president, Donald J. Trump, no matter what you think of him, has, at this point, shown himself to be no stranger to signing executive orders. We, the undersigned, would like him to sign one more--an executive order to federally decriminalize and/or reschedule cannabis to a Schedule III substance. Also, we would like for the DEA to acknowledge Patent # 6630507, filed by the U.S. Gov’t, stating that cannabis has medical benefits. Notable examples are its use in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and seizures in children. We can all agree that, whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or anything in between, this would be a huge step in ending the failed and corrupt war on drugs. It would allow us to get a little bit closer to normalizing cannabis as a medicine for a whole host of severe and chronic illnesses. Rescheduling cannabis would also allow its use as a replacement for addictive doctor-prescribed drugs, such as hydrocodone, as well as an alternative for recreational alcohol, which takes the lives of over 88,000 Americans each year.
Now, on to the economic benefits. The legalization of Marijuana would boost the economy of the state if done properly, making it regulated and well-taxed. Suppliers become licensed and there is reduction of the black market. Legalization of weed would create many employment opportunities, which boosts the economy. The creation of nurseries and dispensaries and their related industries would also create a demand for labor. They provide jobs for people in fields ranging from manual labor, administration, the finance and sales sector, to purchasing and supplies and marketing departments that provide jobs for so many idle youths. The horticulturalists, specialists in the labs who test for drug safety and employees in dispensaries would also get high-paying jobs as well. The creation of job opportunities would improve the economic situation of the state.
Legalization would also contribute to the economy of the state. Consumption and supply would increase, since the legal market makes joints cheap and readily available. Fees charged during licensing and taxes would go to the state. There would also be taxes charged to the suppliers, dealers, and users in the form of value added tax. This would lead to the creation of more industries that support the production and processing, such as coffee houses and the gardening equipment industry.
Marijuana legalization would lead to a reduction in violent crimes and busts by the DEA, which directly reduces the cost of law enforcement in the state. The black market for weed causes many violent crimes, such that people even kill each other for setting them up, but legalization creates an open market for investors. This will reduce the crime rate and further reduce law enforcement costs and government spending. As the government fights cannabis, they waste a lot of time and burden the justice system. Legalizing cannabis would weaken the criminal gangs who sell untaxed cannabis at a high cost and purchase heavy weaponry.
Rescheduling cannabis would save the legal suppliers from fearing busts by the DEA and give them peace of mind, allowing them to come up with strategies to maximize their profit. Legalization would reduce time wastage and costs as the DEA fights cannabis. The providers would produce so much without fearing arrests.

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