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Legalize Medical Marijuana to save lives.

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Hi, my name is Rob Bazzell and I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.  I have a daughter that was diagnosed  intractable epilepsy and dravet snydrome. Her name is Skyler Bazzell and she is 17 months old and I was told by the age of 2 she would regress and start having 1 hour to 2 hour long grand mauls that will most likely cause brain damage and even possibly death. Skyler has 4 types of seizures and so pharmaceuticals can help 1 but with trigger more of the other 3. Thats why she has intractable epilepsy, there is no cure and pharmaceuticals can only cause more seizures. In the state of Missouri I was told in order for her to qualify for the trial on medical marijuana down at Cardinal Glennon, I needed to try 3 pharacuedicals before she could even qualify. With each one she tried they warned me it could cause more seizures, what is wrong with that picture? The three I had to try on my 18 lb. child was Keppra, valium, and Xanax. We tried the Keppra and she ended up in the hospital with more seizures twice in a week, because she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and needed an IV twice in that first week on Keppra. The Xanax and valium turned her into a junky, she couldn't walk a half step without falling down and continued to have seizures. She was not herself and looked like a zombie like most people on Xanax and valuim do. The reason Cardinal Glennon gave me for not trying medical marijuana with no known side effects before xanax and valuim on my baby was, "we don't know what thc will do to a developing brain." With all do respect, Xanax and valium can't be handled by developed brains and people die everyday from the addiction to both. Why would I want to get my daughter addicted to a benzos before giving something a shot 10,000 people have moved to Colorado for? Keppra hasn't been around long enough to know the effects of the drug down the road but there are reports of people being hospitalized and thoughts of suicide, and not just reports, real people that reached out to me after hearing my daughters story. The medical marijuana is not working a lot of the time because it needs to be under 6% THC and the rest cbd. I tried it and it didn't work at all, she kept having seizures. I exhausted all options and my daughter was dying. I had five hundred shares on Facebook and a farmer in Colorado reached out to me and said he had something that he helped a 19 year old boy having thirty seizures a day to not having one in three years. I drove out there and he gave me three different kinds of extract. A couple with high cbd and low thc, but the one he said worked for his patient was the 50% cbd and 50% thc. He said don't give it to her till last resort. My daughter didn't respond to the lesser of the three and kept having seizures and dropped to the 1% in height and weight and I felt like I was losing her in my arms as each day passed. I was told she has a 30% chance of dying any night she goes to sleep so when we pray when i put her down, it's tough, it's real tough not break down in front of her.  Here is the facts, I gave her the 50% thc about 4 months ago and haven't seen one seizure since. The only seizures she has had when she is sick and when she had an EEG done. They had to take her off her oil because it's illegal to have on the premises at Children's Hospital. She had 40 seizures in 24 hours without her oil. Before any kind of marijuana oil she had another EEG where she had 125 seizures in 25 minutes, that equates to 250 an hour and over 4800 a day. She went from 4800 seizures a day, to zero. Let me repeat that in case you missed that, 4800 seizures to 0! She also went from the 1% in height and weight to the 51% in both height and weight in just 4 months. I would repeat that again but it's repetitive and I'm sure you all would agree that's not just a remedy, but an actual cure. She also has been tested a couple months  ago for her development to see if she qualified for any special needs programs. Come to find out she is developmentally 24-36 months when she was 15 months old and on a high thc since she was 13 months old. Not only has it stopped my daughter from dying in my arms she has become a very sharp, happy, and jumped 50% in height and weight. To deny her the medicine that the day she first took the marijuana and she jumped for the first time, walked for the first time, and ran for the first time without falling and busting her head on the hard floor is not only inexcusable, it's inhumane. I shouldn't have to risk losing my child or being encarceratted, to save my daughter's life that the state and govt. have handcuffed our best pediatric hospitals in the United States from using something that hasn't only helped with epilepsy, but also cancer and diabetes. Three of the most dibilitating diseases we fight as humans have a natural cure in some cases. While the state and the govt.  has a federal stamp on liquor, cigarettes and force someone's child, sister, brother, mother, or father to take pharacueticals such as Xanax and valium, knowing the addictive components that lead to death and permanent damage to vital organs such as your liver, brain, etc. there is no excuse that nuerosurgeons at St.Louis Children's Hospital should have to tell me that their hands are tied because marijuana is on the same level federally as heroin. They admitted I'm on the right path but they can't recommend it because they would lose there license and was even told by one nuerosurgeon that, "one child's life isn't worth losing my license over." Put yourself in my shoes, what if that one child, who's life isn't as important as a piece of paper or for the sake of money and pushing pharmaceuticals was your child? Your brother? Your sister? Your family member? This was coming from the number one pediatric hospital in the world. If we are the greatest country in the world why are medical refugees in our country with the same stories as me about the benefits of thc? Why should I have to uproot my job and leave my family because certain states will help my daughter while others like Missouri say tough luck, let her die, not only that, let's pump her with pharacueticals knowing it can't help but we will make a quick buck. Why should millions of people be incarcerated for something that makes people hungry, happy, sleepy that is a natural medicine while the govt. pushes pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and cigarettes. Mr. Trump, you promised to make America great again, you can stay true to that promise by getting rid of medical refugees in our country like myself, and start putting people's lives like Skyler's, ahead of money. Lives over money, it's simple, it's humane.  One child's life is worth it Mr. President. Please make this happen for epilepsy, cancer, and diabetes patients everywhere for a safer alternative and a chance to find happiness again without dying or losing their quality of life through pharmaceuticals. I appreciate your time and hope someone somewhere will hear Skyler's story and fix this immediately so the bleeding stops with those who need the help the most. 

                         Sincerely, Rob Bazzell 



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