Stop Trump's Cut on National Parks Budget and Land

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 Just a little over a year ago, on March 16th, 2017, the government proposed budget cuts to the Interior Department, and the Environment Protection Agency. The Trump Administration cut the Department of the Interior budget by 12% and the EPA by 31%. National parks rely on the EPA to pass laws such as the Clean Water Act so visitors at the National Parks can have clean water and clean air. On April 26, Utah’s four congressmen and two US Senators asked the President to get rid of a newly preserved land known as Bears Ears located in Utah. President Trump then asked the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review 40 national monuments created over the last 21 years to see if they wanted to unprotect them.   President Trump thinks that national parks and monuments are being locked up and “an egregious abuse of power” and suggested giving the land back to the states. No president has ever tried to undo the protection of a national monument. This is undoing the 111 year old Antiquities Act. We should be taking steps forward to provide protection for our environment, not backwards. On September 14, 2017 the House Appropriations billed a threat to national parks. They proposed to cut the national parks annual budget by 40%. By cutting their budget the parks would need to increase donations and entrance fees to make back their lost money.  Soon after this was proposed, the park service proposed to raise the entrance fee from $25-30 to $70 a day. Increasing their entrance fee will drive away visitors, leaving the park with less than they would have had. Our national parks were designed for the enjoyment of others, so everyday people can enjoy them and experience their beauty. Our national parks are the preservation of our world. If we lose our parks we lose our wilderness, our only protected land, our only place where everyday people can experience our environment.  We need to stop what is happening to our parks and monuments, we need to save the preservation of our world.