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Stop Potential Nuclear Disaster in Nevada

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          As a state which doesn’t have any nuclear power plants, Nevada should be the last state that needs a nuclear waste dump. Yet, the Department of Energy and Congress are trying to screw up Nevada again. In 1987, Congress directed the Energy Department to build a single dump in Nevada to hold the nuclear waste produced by the entire nation. The site was chosen at Yucca Mountain, which was about 90 miles away from Las Vegas. Shocked by the legislation, the state of Nevada successfully fought back the first several attempts at bringing the construction into action. However, the Trump administration has proposed spending 120 million dollars to restart the process. As residents of Nevada, we have to stand up and say no to this legislation.

          Even though scientists and lobbyists claim that the nuclear waste dump facility is absolutely safe for the surrounding area, it is not entirely true. In February 2014, a radiation leak was spotted in a waste isolation pilot plant located in New Mexico. Although no personal or environmental damage was caused, the clean-up work now ranks one of the most expensive projects in U.S. history. Besides, Nevada ranks fourth in the nation for current seismic activity. Six hundred and twenty-one seismic events with a magnitude greater than 2.5 were spotted within a 50-mile radius of Yucca Mountain since 1976. In other words, potential earthquakes could seriously threaten the safety of the nuclear waste storage in the planned site.

           Not only the storage site could cause a potential risk, transportation of spent nuclear fuel to the dump site could also cause a huge problem to Nevada. Although rather unlikely, should a contamination happen, it can cause unrepairable damage to the state. Nevada, as a state, relies heavily on her tourism industries. More than 50% of her state tax income is from sales taxes and gaming taxes, which mostly are contributed by the tourists. Nevada learned her lesson in 2008 about how fragile this type of economic system could be. We certainly do not need another recession in our tourism economy.

          Nevada has given her fair contribution to American’s nuclear development. She was the nuclear weapon test ground during the World War II and the Cold War Era. Nevada does not need to be the “trash can” for the rest of the United States. While the state legislature needs to take a stronger stance, we, as residents of Nevada, need to unite together and let the elites in Washington D.C. hear our voice. Besides helping me signing this petition, there are several other ways you can help to save Nevada from getting screwed:

Senator Dean Heller

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Governor Brian Sandoval

President Donald Trump

Twitter: @realDonaldTrump (yes, this might actually work for this president)

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