Stop cyberbullying and real life bullying in the united kingdom

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In the united kingdom Cyber bullying is not a specific criminal offence in UK law, criminal internet bullying laws such as the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 may apply as cyberbullying laws in terms of harassment or threatening behavior. I believe that this isn't enough to bring these people to justice there are only laws against the harassment in the workplace in the u. K everyone would benefit if more laws were added I was talking to my friend Luna she had a breakdown because of being cyberbullied by a guy from the united kingdom no one can do anything because there are close to no laws bring people like him to justice ! Below is a link proof that there is only laws against cyberbullying  in the  workplace in the united kingdom even the bullying law protects adults from harassment but what about the children? The laws are not that specific  since the queen of England isn't listed here on hopefully Trump will talk to the royals to help stop cyberbullying and real life in the u. K and spread anti bullying awareness in the u. K no one should be a victim of any type of bullying in any form the u. K has been allies with the u. S for a long time let's make a change to better their futures for generations!

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