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Stop banning Pit Bulls!

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Pit bulls are innocent animals. They're misinterpreted and these bans on owning them are so horrifying! Any dog can be just as "terroristic" as any Pit could be because Pits, Shepards, Great Danes, Huskies, and every other breed in existence are DOGS. Banning the Pit Bull breed was not taken into consideration about how many families were being destroyed when a law was enforced to eliminate Pit Bull threats! And that's downright crappy because it all focuses on is satisfying the group of pessimistic minds on Pit Bulls, doesn't it? "Oh look! A Pit Bull! Time to pull the C-&-E move! 'Confiscate and Euthanize!' Hopefully with this letter, the family of such a sweet and terrific dog will understamd and they'll buy a small dog!" You're killing millions of innocent Pits because you are afraid one will come "hurt" you. Any dog can be just as "bad" as Pits, in which they aren't. They're just read wrong because people can't accept every dog is different and what the media has displayed has distored a family dog and killed it because even the nice ones deserve to die, since they could become a "Potential threat ." Muzzling of a Pit Bull and fining the owner of such a sweet dog is terrorizing, as well. Like I said, a Pit Bull is just as equal as any dog. You don't see your neighbour's Chihuahua and Pomeranian getting muzzled because they "can't cause any damage," when in reality, they can be just as bad. The BSL Census is the crime. Not the Pit Bulls. Any Pit owners who have had their dog taken away will agree.

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