Say no to Palm Oil

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Every hour 300 football fields of precious forest in South East Asia is being ploughed to the ground to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is the leading cause of orang-utan extinction. It is used in 50% of all household and food products sold in the West.

You can help by just saying "no" to palm oil. Boycott products that contain palm oil, download an app that tells you if your favourite chocolate bar or shampoo contains palm oil. Even certified sustainable RSPO palm oil still allows deforestation and the destruction of peatland forest for plantation development.

Together we can make big changes. Help me by joining my petition to let the biggest corporate users of palm oil know that it is not acceptable, and they need to find an environmentally friendly alternative to use as a substitute as part of their corporate social responsibility. Not only are they causing devastation to orang-utans, they are also fuelling climate change and environmental disasters such as vast mud slides with the deforestation.