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All of Humanity are at Critical Risk - vist for all of the details, in one easy to access location.

Visit Vote Climate US PAC, to see Candidate positions on climate change and carbon fees / dividends, by state or by zip code. This will be updated for the CRITICAL 2020 election cycle.

Goal:  visit Rescue The - Save yourselves and the next generation. Tell Donald Trump to get climate deniers out of his cabinet and the US government. Ask US citizens NOT to elect any more climate deniers. NONE ever, please.  Obstacles:   1. climate deniers in government, industry executives and the electorate 2. Donald Trump - 3. capitalism without long term sustainability goals, via carbon fees. and dividends to the public.

BTW, Donald, the Jet Stream is slowing due to climate change, causing the ice cold artic Polar Vortex to drift south into the eastern US and Canada. That is why it is COLD for Thanksgiving, in the midst of global warming!! Duh.

Global Warming and Climate Change are here NOW

- y2000 - Doubled hurricane frequency &  damage
- y2010 - Drought, wheat shortage, Arab Spring, wars
                 58 million persons displaced per UN
- y2018 - The World is on Fire: Floods & Droughts.
                 Industrial agriculture is collapsing
                 25% less grain in Germany this year

 The Harsh Truths:

- CO2 levels have doubled to over 400 ppm
- Long lived CO2 drives short-lived water vapour
- North Temp. is at 4 deg F. above average levels

 Fossil Fuel Use is Growing:

- Solar, Wind only 17% of all Energy by 2040 (US eia)
- China, India, etc. have ample coal & will use it
- The US Gov. does not care, as long as GDP goes up

 Everyone Loves Capitalism (even the communists):

- Capitalism has no goals besides profit
- Modify capitalism via massive carbon taxes
- Give citizens carbon dividends!!
- enables sustainable choices

Citizens, please elect NO Climate Deniers

Contact the White House to leave a message
for President Trump
  Flood the WH link please. ;-)

This message is directed both at Donald Trump and the 300+ million citizens of the US. Tell Donald Trump to get Climate Deniers out of his Cabinet and the US Government, using the White House link provided. Ask US Citizens NOT to elect any more Climate Deniers. NONE ever, please.

Visit Vote Climate US PAC, to see Candidate positions on climate change and carbon fees / dividends, by state or by zip code. See updates for the critical 2020 cycle and make your vote count.

The real signature goal is 300,000,000. It is going to take a lot of votes to get this job done.