Review Classified Patents to Release Suppressed Inventions

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What if technologies of the future ALREADY EXIST TODAY:
--Energy technology that eliminates the need for Oil & Gas
--Propulsion systems that eliminates the need for Cars & Planes
--Healthcare solutions that eliminates costly Treatments & Pills

Perhaps they do.

Official government data provided by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) under a Freedom of Information Act request shows that over 5700 Patents are currently classified:

According to the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, technological innovations can be suppressed by a variety of governmental agencies if they potentially pose a threat to either our national security or economic stability.

The Category List of Classified Patents from 1971 was recently leaked and shows the various Categories along with certain types of innovations that may require special review and restriction:

This List from 1971 shows Categories such as:
--Propulsion Systems
--Power Supply
--Unique Materials & Devices

One of the most interesting finds in this Category List is located in Group XI (Power), Items 8 and 9 which notes that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient.  Energy conversion systems were also subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies in excess of 70-80%.

As a result it seems that some inventions are being suppressed NOT because they pose a threat to our national security but rather because they threaten the status quo of the world we live in. Simply put, if modern-day solar panels were being suppressed almost 50 years ago, one can only imagine what is being suppressed today.

So the real question is:

Our Petition’s goal is to help answer this question by proposing a Citizen Review Panel to perform a private review of all 5784 classified patents.

The experts and citizens chosen to participate on this committee will agree to uphold a national security oath to not disclose any key details about these classified technologies in order to ease any national security concerns. However, they will also be required to each choose 1 Patent and provide a brief general synopsis of it.

This will give the public the insight and transparency to better understand which technologies are being intentionally withheld. With this information, the public can better determine if they seek further action in regards to formally requesting declassification of these patents in order to secure the release of these suppressed technologies into the public domain.

Your support for this petition simply means that you are interested in creating greater transparency to ensure that ALL of the tools that can help us to improve our everyday lives, as well as the world around us, are being actively used and pursued.

1. INFORM the public that 5000+ Patents are currently Classified
2. FACILITATE a private Citizen Review of them
3. ENCOURAGE discussion regarding potential declassification

1. Citizen Review Panel to review all 5784 Classified Patents
2. Citizen Review Panel to provide a Category & Count of them
3. Citizen Review Panel to provide synopses of 50 of them

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