Reverse The Federal Hiring Freeze

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Hello Mr. President,

I hope this position gets to you, and you understand that this is not a petition filled with political  vitriol, or hyper partisanship,  but a plea for common sense.

I am a would be federal employee who has never before held a government job of any kind, and I am not a parasite or burnout. This was not my last stop because I am a sub par employee, but the culmination of my hard work leading me to a position I truly cared about.  I worked to put myself through college,  and now work as a contractor for the USMC/USN as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I daily rehabilitate active duty personnel with the intention of returning them to full duty, and I like to think I am good at my job.

Sir, my father was a First Sergeant in the USMC, and while I could not serve, I found a place to serve my country in my own small way. Every day I wake up with a sense of pride for the job I would perform, and my senior staff and co workers will attest that every day, I come to work like its my first day.

 I sweat, I tire, and I hurt at the end of each day. I give everything I can, because someday, that Marine I just put through rehab may be the one that saves my daughters life on a battlefield far from home. It transforms this job into a priveledge.  That is why its so difficult to understand why I am being excluded from being hired by the government. I have friends who now view me as part of some nebulous problem and that I am just an one egg needing to be broken to make the best omelet.

Sir, I am a contractor, who was offered the position based off my hard work. I am a single father who needs to feed a little girl. For the record sir, I am taking a significant pay cut to accept this position, so no,  I am not trying to get one over on the American taxpayer. I ask you to take 30 seconds out of your day to realize that we are not all a stereotype. We are people, who are trying to do the best we can and are now being punished for trying to make a difference.

I ask you rethink such a broad strategy, and listen to one voice of an everyman.


Aaron W.

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