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Reverse the FCC's decision on getting rid of Net Neutrality

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As of today (12/14/17), the FCC has decided to get rid of Net Neutrality.  Net Neutrality stopped service providers from slowing down the speeds of your internet, and charging more for the same connection you have now.  Some people may think that this isn't so big of a deal.  However, Net Neutrality allowed people to use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for free.  Now that it's been tossed out the window, ordinary people like you and me will have to pay monthly fees to use such services.  Netflix's price of $9.99 a month will rise to $10.99.  To take this into perspective, Portugal does not have Net Neutrality, and because of that, the bundle everything into packages.  Messaging is equal to $4.99.  Want to use social media? That's another $10 monthly subscription.  The costs for these things WILL become an issue in households where money is tight.  The internet is a place where you should be able to look up what you want on Google, and not be charged $1 for a Google search (another thing that Net Neutrality protected against).  By signing this treaty you will help make things right.  The current chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai used to work as a lawyer for Verizon.  With his new position, he controls the internet and modern communication in the palm of his hand.  We must not give in and allow him to charge us more money for internet, social media, and google searches, only to help benefit his old job.  Sign this petition, and fight this.  A change must take place, and you can be the difference between making one, and letting this go through.  Thank You.

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