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Remove Criminals and Keep DACA

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Dear Mr.President

As American citizens, we look forward on every U.S. President to make the right and wise decisions for the best of our nation. As you may know, our country maintains a broken immigration system that has led to eleven million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States. Each immigrant has a story to tell that inspires others to immigrate to the most wonderful, generous, and prosperous nation on earth. Our country has become so diverse for the past years due to immigration, and that makes us a nation of mixed cultures. It’s a fact that there’s legal ways to land in America and live the American Dream, but not every immigrant has the same opportunity. Our country grows more and does better when foreigners from different countries come to the U.S. and share their skills and abilities with our fellow Americans. Please take a moment and ask yourself these next few questions. “Why my mother came to America? Why my beautiful, talented, caring wife, and first lady came to America? Why am I in America?” Once you have asked yourself those three questions, then you’ll reach to one conclusion. “My mother, wife, and I came or are in America because this is the land of opportunities and prosperity”. This is the same reason that all immigrants have for coming to America in any way possible. It’s true that some immigrants come to do wrong than good, and they are the ones that must be deported and excluded from the future of this country. However, there are some who follow the law by doing good to our country. These people can pass a clean background check and do not represent a threat in our society. Removing/deporting millions of undocumented immigrants will cause an international expansion on criminal organizations. We must prevent that from happening by securing our borders and provide those “good hombres, mujeres, and niños” with a pathway to earn their citizenship. There are a group of people who were brought by their parents as children illegally to the United States, and they represent themselves as Dreamers. Dreamers cannot be blamed for the mistakes of their parents and face the consequences. Dreamers have been raised in America and now call this their home. Please take a moment to visualize and imagine the future of these Dreamers if you protect them. Imagine if one of these Dreamers becomes the next CEO, or the next doctor that saves your life or a sibling’s life. Or maybe if a Dreamer becomes the police officer that gets in front of your son to save his life. Even better, what if a Dreamer ever becomes the President of the United States? Can you realize the importance of keeping those Dreamers and undocumented immigrants that want to contribute positively to our nation. I’m not asking you to change your stance on certain political subjects such as immigration. On the contrary, I’m asking you to think carefully and make the right decision to not regret it later in the future. If you really love this country, then please do what’s right and fair for all people. Just read over this letter so you can realize that many futures are at risk of failing if you remove the “good hombres, mujeres, and niños ”. Please take back your decision on ending DACA and let's move forward on creating a solution for our broken immigration system. Yes, Mr.President we can do it but please work with us and be on our side. I know that very deep you have a big heart and you want to be a great president. Then let us organize with you and work with you to accomplish that. Please don’t take DACA away and destroy thousands of lives by taking away the American Dream. I please ask you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of every undocumented immigrant to please reconsider your decision and take it back. I’m offering you my help on creating a fair immigration reform bill that will secure our borders, remove criminals, keep those hard working immigrants, protect Dreamers, and fix our broken immigration system. I am writing you this letter in a form of a petition to get your attention and listen to me. Let’s bond and work together to make the right and fair choices. Let’s Make America Better. Thank you and if you or any of your staff has any questions, concerns, or comments. Then please contact me through email at

Best regards,

Alexander Perez


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