Please help me bring my high school sweetheart and soulmate home, clemency for John Bolen.

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I am June Bolen, wife and best friend of John Bolen, and I need your help.  As of August 28, John will have served 13 years of four life sentences without parole as punishment for a conspiracy to import cocaine.  John was a first-time, non-violent offender and yet, as so many others, was handed one of the harshest penalties in our “justice” system, one that should only be reserved for the worst offenders in our society.  On behalf of our family, I beg for your help and support to bring John home, I beg for light at the end of this dark tunnel.

John was born on the East Coast of Florida into a Korean-American family.  From a very young age, John exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit.  At just five years old, he loaded up his toys in his wagon and went door to door in the neighborhood selling them.  He often did odd jobs for elderly neighbors, such as pulling weeds, earning 0.25 cents an hour.  As a teenager, he and his good friend started a lawn care business, towing their lawn mowers behind their bikes.  He went on to start an automotive detailing and accessories business.  Eventually, as a young man with a family to support, he started a professional lawn care business, which morphed into owning his own retail sales and service outdoor equipment store.  Ultimately, he achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a captain and owning an offshore charter fishing boat.  In between all of these businesses and school, we got married and had our beautiful son.  Our son was only 8 years old when John went to prison and is now a young man himself, in school, ready to embark on his life adventures.

In 2006, John was charged with four counts relating to a conspiracy to import cocaine from the Bahamas.  He went to trial and was convicted, primarily based on the testimony of the two men on his boat with the drugs who, in exchange for their testimony, received seven years.  Several times during the trial, these witnesses, the prosecution’s DEA agent witness and even the prosecutor admitted John did not have a chief role in this conspiracy and only allowed his boat to be used, yet John received a life sentence for each count. 

John is currently petitioning President Trump for clemency. Please sign this petition and tell President Trump that John Bolen is worthy of a second chance and should not die in prison for a first-time, non-violent offense, nobody should. 

Please help our family and the hundreds of others who have suffered the same fate in the United States’ war against drugs.  Please share this with your friends and family, as we have to come together to affect change.

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