Overturn the anti-Christian ruling against Aaron and Melissa Klein!

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Dear Mr. President,


Aaron and Melissa Klein were ordinary people living in Gresham, Oregon. All they wanted to do was live out their Christian faith and apply their love for pastries by baking cakes--notably, wedding cakes--in their bakery shop--Sweet Cakes.


All that changed in 2013 when Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, two lesbians, wanted them to bake a wedding cake for their legally permitted union. As the Klein's are Bible-believing Christians, they declined to bake the cake because of what Scripture says about the definition of marriage. Instead of merely finding another store that would cater to them, these women filed a complaint against the Klein's with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry, and in return, they were fined $135,000 for discrimination. More than that, activists have staged boycotts and protests, and they have even been given death threats. If this were not worse enough, they were even issued a gag order to forbid them from talking to anyone about this case.


Mr. President, the Klein's were not agitators or engaged in active persecution against anyone. All they wanted was to live what we have been calling "The American Dream." They did not curse at anyone or condemn them in any way. They just stated that they could not participate in anything that goes against their beliefs. To punish these small business owners, the backbone of this nation, for refusing to bake a cake is not only ludicrous, but it is unconstitutional. It is a violation of the First Amendment (freedom of speech and religion) and the Thirteenth Amendment as well (involuntary servitude). While the latter may seem like a reach, it is not. Even though the lesbian couple were willing to pay for the cake, involuntary servitude is forcing a free person to labor against their will. It is no different from raping a woman and paying her amply afterwards.


Therefore, Mr. President, the patriotic American people, whether they voted for you or not, are calling on you to make positive change. This goes way beyond the notion of whether or not same sex marriage should be tolerated by all (no matter how relative is the term tolerance); this is a matter of freedom and liberty. After all, the same statute that punishes those for not baking a cake can be used in any situation the culture of the time deems controversial. What good, then, is the Constitution--the pillar of the United States of America?  


PLEASE overturn this ghastly ruling against Aaron and Melissa Klein. More than this, it is time to push Congress to pass a law protecting religious groups and individuals from retaliatory actions for standing up for their beliefs. This needs to protect everyone from government mandates and fines as well as disciplinary action in the workplace--even for workers with at-will employment. If tolerance is to no longer be a hypocritical watchword, and if you truly want to "make America great again," coming to the aid of American believers, especially Christians, would be a good start.











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