Make this earth green and clean

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Mother nature, the land of every species that god made. The home of each and every human being in the universe. It's unique compare to other planets. Earth secures Life that's why it stands out through Gods vision.

The thing is to make life change for better not for worst, as of this date the things that we envision is starting to blur cause of our clumsiness toward changes and laziness to step up for the best.

It's already 21st century, it looks like that us can't use the advantages that we have in this era of technology to make earth green and clean. I, as a student would like to be a part of the rehabilitation and would cherish if given a chance to make the impossible happen. Success and changes does not happen overnight, but if we gather together and decides to make this earth more friendly by not imagining but making it a reality.

 I can assure you that the next generation citizen of our beloved home will appreciate and be thankful for the dedication that we'll put in to secure the habitat of our ancestor, us the present citizen, and the future human being.

Life is tough, but don't make it more complicated cause of our ignorance and not nurturing Gods given gift to us.