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Make Taxation Theft Again!

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Please stop the unconsentual, forceful taking of Americans' hard earned money to fund wasteful, innefective, and often harmful "government" programs that those Americans would not voluntarily fund (and are often even opposed to on moral grounds).  If something is worth funding, people will fund it voluntarily, without the need for unjustified coercion, force, and violence to be introduced into the exchange.  If you have to use guns to convince people to fund something, it's probably not worth funding in the first place.  This is true about all things worthy of funding, including roads (already funded without government coercion in subdivisions across the country), defence (a truly free people will be more than happy to fund and participate in the defence of that freedom), and charity ("There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint." Penn Jillette).

That being said, the biggest step that could be taken toward "making America great again" would be making taxation theft again (as was the sentiment from the Boston Tea Party until 1903 when the income tax was unjustly and unconstitutionally introduced).  Please help to preserve the rights, sovereignty, and self determination of the American people and abolish the IRS at your earliest convenient.


The hundreds of millions of victims of the violent and unjust theft and extortion perpetrated by the world's largest organized crime syndicate.



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