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Liberty and Health Care For All

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The Trump Administration is pushing forward legislation in regards to medical treatment. In this, doctors will be protected in refusing treatment to individuals due to religious beliefs. In this, many people, including LGBT people, citizens of opposing religious or ethnic backgrounds, can be rejected by doctors simply due to a personal stance. This is up for concern due to the lack of explanation of procedures that would be possible for denial due to religious beliefs. The HHS states that these "include" abortion and sterilization, but do not say the procedures that can be denied are exclusively these named. This then leaves immense room for exploitation, not only of the LGBT community, but also for many women who use birth control who could be denied due to religious bias, or other minorities seeking aid that could be denied due to a personal bias. 

This completely goes against HIPAA law (Section 1557), which state that a person cannot be refused treatment due to any form of discriminatory bias.

As a person with LGBT friends, and close friends of backgrounds that are not the standard norm, I fear not only for their safety, but also for the safety of others in similar situations.

Personal beliefs should not play into medical practice, in that, a doctor should not be able to refuse to treat a patient strictly due to opposing views. Rather, it is the job of the medical professional to perform their job to the best of their possible ability, without involving their own outside bias and emotion in treatment. 

For the safety, fair treatment and well-being of future generations to come, as well as the generations that currently exist, I would like to push for reform on this matter. 

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