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Sign for USA renewable energy, not USA taking other countries oil resources.

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Dear Inhabitants of this Earth and current president Trump, 

I stand for renewable energy, and certainly NOT the USA taking other country's oil.

The USA citizen who signs wants renewable infrastructures and no more dirty energy policies, and we certainly DO NOT want other country's oil or resources gained from colonizing wars.

Recents comments from you, Mr President, have left our sisters and brothers serving our country domestically and internationally exposed. This 'conspiracy theory' that our military is forwarding corporations raping resources abroad in war, is now proved factual. That 'secret' truly exposed was the only way you took action in people's interest. More importantly you just raised the threat level to every United States of American soldier and citizen.This could and may well lead to death tolls of our troops increasing in foreign exchanges and domestic lands.  

I also am proud of our Veterans standing here at home against this insane infrastructure which you are now expanding. It will create more degradation on our children's water, and, air, soil, and air. 
We will all have to stand together to go forward, not backward. Why not work out some sane compromises? Isn't that one of the reasons why we protested the TPP? I know it was second on my list of unconstitutional things, the TransPacific Partnership was negotiated in secret and never brought the people to the table. 
We need to rebuild the infrastructure NEW and mobilize with jobs, real jobs not temporary and chemically poisoning our workers, with no protections. And all the real profits are with renewable, sane energy policies and companies. Make it NEW, they will buy it!- right? So go after 'our' trillions by Making America GREAT again with this 'Make it New' renewable.

Protect our Soldiers, protect our children and reTHINK these policies. 

Are we protecting USA, are we protecting our kids? 
***Dollar bills will not pollenate crops for your children to eat when the bees go extinct because Big Ag will also finish the job poisoning our soil so even self pollination with a cotton swab won't work, gosh they even have YOU doing it for them by spraying your weeds(most of which you can eat in an emergency situation btw) with RoundUp and other Glyphosates and chemically similar grouped products. 
***Dollar bills will not provide clean safe water if these policies forward destroy it all by lifting 75% regulations.
***Dollar bills will not fill your children's lungs when industry has poisoned the last forest by extraction, logging, or pollution. 

Please THINK. Unplug...and THINK. 
Our Constitution is going right out the window too. 
Are you willing to give up the generations future? 
These are our children, our grand children, our families, our neighbors and all of theirs SEVEN TIMES FORWARD you sacrifice.


Wendy W Goetz 

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