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Help DREAMers repatriate, don't give them amnesty

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Legalizing DREAMers would harm both U.S. workers and students, and countries like Mexico. The much smarter alternative to amnesty is a voluntary repatriation program. Unlike other plans, that can be implemented and it's the best choice for the USA and other countries.

The many downsides of the DREAM Act are described in great detail at the link. Those include reducing wages for U.S. workers, depriving U.S. students of the educations they want, and braindraining countries like Mexico. For instance, less than 6000 students in Mexico excel at math per year, a fraction of the U.S. rate. If some of those students are here as DREAMers, that means they aren't in Mexico. That braindrain leads to huge problems for both the U.S. and Mexico such as increased crime, increased corruption, and increased instability.

Further, granting amnesty will lead to even more illegal immigration and thus all the issues associated it with it. Those pushing to legalize DREAMers will also work to weaken any enforcement provisions of the amnesty bill, using their increased power to get even more of it.

Some will say to conduct mass deportations of DREAMers. As should be obvious from recent history, that's completely unfeasible: Congress and the courts would completely block it. On top of that would be the negative consequences for DREAMers, sending them home with nothing.

The smart, patriotic alternative is a voluntary repatriation program. We'll help DREAMers move back to their home countries and establish themselves, getting jobs there or attending school. Let them put their talents to work building up their own countries. The government of Mexico has even indicated that they'll welcome DREAMers home. The assistance we provide might consist of carefully-controlled cash stipends paid out over time and to a limited number of applicants. That will help DREAMers reestablish themselves in their home countries.

Those who decide to remain in the U.S. will not be able to renew their work permits. Some might decide to remain in the U.S. in hopes of receiving a future amnesty, however by deciding not to enact amnesty this time we'll send the message that it would be in their much better interest to return home.

This would be a major program, but so too would be any form of legalization. Legalization would harm both the U.S. and Mexico, but the plan outlined above would help both countries. Further, it's politically feasible. For instance, if a politician opposes the plan, then the arguments above can be used to discredit them to their supporters. Likewise with the news media.

Enacting a repatriation program is the best choice for the U.S. and other countries, unlike other plans it can be implemented, and its opponents can be easily discredited. We ask you to choose this plan instead of your current course.

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