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Mark Quitta
New Iberia, LA, United States

Feb 20, 2019 — 




Florence, Colorado

February 20, 2019

The above is the fate of Matthew Hale. But Matthew’s case is not all that unusual. Much the same thing happened to Randall Weaver known for his face-off with federal authorities at his home on Ruby Ridge. Weaver was approached by a federal agent to alter a shotgun for money—a criminal act. Later, it was found that this constituted the crime of entrapment, whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that they would otherwise have been unlikely or unwilling to commit. 

In Matthew’s case, an agent in the pay of the FBI tried to get Matthew to agree to commit a murder but he steadfastly refused to be a party to any such act. So, whereas Weaver did alter the shotgun, Matthew did not become part of a fictional murder plot. In other words, there was no crime at all involved in Matthew Hale’s “trial,” and thus, no conviction should have obtained.

Nonetheless, Matthew was “convicted” of this non-crime but why did he receive such an egregious sentence? Because of a misplaced apostrophe in the trial transcript of Matthew’s conversation with the paid federal stooge. That clerical error allowed the government to claim that the fictional “victim” of this fictional “crime” was a federal judge. And as a federal officer was the supposed victim, Matthew could be sentenced under our “supra-constitutional” anti-terrorism acts. These acts destroy the concept of “equal justice under the law” and make some crimes worse than others depending upon the victim. So if Matthew had not agreed to take part in the murder of an ordinary American but was convicted anyway, his sentence would have been far less than had he not agreed to murder a federal judge! 

I know it is difficult for decent Americans to acknowledge the corruption within our government’s “justice system,” but day by day that corruption becomes more evident as the Deep State intensifies its efforts to remove America’s duly elected President, Donald Trump. Now its media minions are suggesting that Trump will be sent to prison, a fate already unjustly suffered by Matthew Hale! 

There is no such thing as a “trivial” miscarriage of justice. Every time the “justice” system is misused, a little bit of America dies. Worse, with each passing iniquity, it becomes easier and easier to commit the next and harder and harder to prevent. 

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