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Every establishment with a restroom must have Narcan in their first air kits

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Hello everyone my name is Tonya. I am writing this petition because honestly I'm just sick and tired of seeing people die. The world of the addiction is going crazy. Left and right I'm seeing people pass away from drug overdoses. As I know I lost my brother-in-law last week and it's pushed me to my ends. As I stated in the post that went viral on Facebook one day I will become a police officer on the narcotics unit. But until that day I have to do something in the meantime. I'm making a petition that I am hoping people understand. When drug addicts tend to use drugs they go to bathroom. It's the one place they feel safe because you can't record them,  they are alone and that's has to be one of the most scariest things, they are there alone. This petition is something I feel in my heart will change people's lives that are addicted. With this petition I would like to try and enforce establishments who have a public restroom to be required to carry Narcan in their first aid kits, along with have somebody on each shift who is Narcan certified. When somebody overdoses in a bathroom in a public area, you have to wait for police and EMS to arrive to administer the Narcan. By that point nine times out of ten it's already going to be too late. It only takes 7 minutes to do enough brain damage to kill someone. 7 minutes that's not too long. But if we have Narcan in all establishment that are public , it's more likely that somebody would survive. Why might you ask because when you are not breathing and your heart is not beating you are ticking time bomb of death waiting to happen. So the way I see it is if they have Narcan in the first aid kits and someone finds them within the first 7 minutes you skip out on the 5 to 8 that it takes for the ambulance to get there. Saving a life. We may not be able to stop this epidemic right now but we lost 50,000 people last year alone and it's constantly increasing. In 2012 we were sitting at 5000. How do we increase so much you may ask, I know to the answer to that but I'll leave that for a different topic. So if you could please take time out to sign the petition, because although yes it is the drug users choice to use, I'm sure they don't want to die. Think about it as if it were a family member would you want them to wait until the ambulance got there, would you?

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