Enforced Requirement For All Sewer Pipes To Be Properly Secured With A Cap

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Let me just say, those of you who have animals that you love dearly will be understanding. I have had the most horrific experience of my beloved cat of 13 years, Trixie, getting trapped in a pipe, underneath my house. I heard her meows underground last night. Today I called every possible person in this town of Corsicana, TX. A friend told me to call a plumber. Both the city side and the private side (our side) sewer pipes were exposed. No caps. I ran over the cap last month with a mower. Still waiting on the plumber to find someone with a camera to lower into the pipe. You would think a cat wouldn't go down into a pipe, but after reading so many stories, I see this is a terrible thing to have to go through. Especially now, it's happening to me. I could not hear my cat's meows today. Had 4 different people here. Two animal control workers, one emergency sewer system worker and the plumber. I have already expected the worst outcome at this point as I cannot hear her anymore. If we love our outdoor pets or any pets for that matter, we've got to cover up our pipes. I am now speaking from experience on how horrible of a day it has been for me with having two small children and having to squeeze myself under the house to try and locate a sound in the underground pipes. Cats and dogs are always going to find a way into these systems or pipes but if we could just enforce these sewer pipes to have caps (both on the copper pipes and the PVC pipes), then it would drastically reduce the chances for any animal falling prey to an exposed sewer pipe. I had my dog Penny for 18 years before she had to be put to sleep. I have had Trixie for 13 years now and she is a part of my family. With all the strays running around, this is not acceptable. Any kitten, puppy or petite cat like mine can just wander or get curious and fall into these deathtraps. Because that's what they are. And I never knew how dangerous they were until today. Please help enforce a sewer capping requirement in all states. There are so many horror stories of this happening to animals. We can make a difference starting with this.