End cultural exchange between Cuba and the USA

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 Dear Mr. President Donald Trump :

The so-called "Cultural Exchange" has been the most corrosive potion with which the previous administration of Washington profaned the Cuban exile in the United States ... An exile raised from the pain, the abuses and the injustices committed in Cuba by one of the longest inexhaustible dictatorships of the Western Hemisphere ... Cultural exchange has been one of the many variants of the policy of rapprochement of a Washington, paradoxically, an example of freedom and democracy for the world, towards a Havana occupied by an illegitimate government from 1959 until today ... A Cuba that has used precisely "art and culture" in all its expressions to decorate its crimes, to decorate repression, to cover up abuses ... To exercise political proselytism and to impose the Castro-communist doctrine that has become the total destruction of our island.

The career of the Cuban "artists" who benefit from the "cultural exchange" has been driven by the Castro regime, and their work has been directly linked to the dictatorship ... dictatorship to which these "artists" have sung, danced, painted, and dedicated their mercenary art in all its facets ... The "artists" of the so-called Cultural Exchange, more than Artists, are predators of freedom and justice, whose patrons are no more than the assassins of the Cuban people ... And above all they are, thanks to the cultural Exchange, the propagators of that legacy of impunity, oppression, infamy, Castro-communist slavery, here in the United States: land of freedom.

To name just one example among thousands: through the cultural exchange, they have toured all over the United States, troubadours like Tony Ávila, who has participated in the harassment of the Ladies in White ..., repressing  others there to later sing here to make money..., Haila María Mompié, famous, more for her praises to the deceased tyrant than for her music. As well as Silvio Rodríguez, the troubadour of totalitarianism, who performed a concert last year in New York and whose compositions have been to subjugate and stop any hint of freedom..., His songs have accompanied as a communist indoctrination soundtrack for more than three decades and have even become lullabies, or lullabies to the forced labor to which we have been subjected as children and youths in the schools by the countryside ..., in long agricultural days that weigh on our backs from generation to generation, in what has no other name than child exploitation. The troubadour of Silvio Rodríguez has been and is subversive and agitating ... and to encourage anti-Americanism in people’s feelings. Silvio Rodríguez, as well as many artists and intellectuals who visit the United States with treachery, such as the dancer Alicia Alonso, the singer Omara Portuondo (who even visited the White House during the Obama era) and the painter Roberto Fabelo, were even signatories of one of the most infamous documents of our recent history. Document where they supported in the year 2003, year of the Black Spring in Cuba, the execution without trial (to warn the people) of three innocent young people who tried to escape from Cuba in a boat. Just like they also supported, with their signature, the arbitrary detentions and prolonged sentences for independent journalists and dissidents who worked in favor of human rights.

All these artists are ambassadors of the Castro propaganda, whom incidentally come to fill their pockets and to return to Cuba the slice to the master who sent them. Accepting this "Exchange" that is unidirectional is not only an offense to the exiled but also offers an erroneous idea of ​​impunity towards those who have committed and supported so many crimes in Cuba. It is to reward with strong currency all those whom, with their actions have opposed democracy in Cuba. Even in the name of art they have repressed and even supported death penalty with their signatures, and the message remains that it is better to be with the dictatorship than against it.

Cuba is not going to change because artists come from there for it and in the end, they manage it and the exchange never includes Cuban-American artists whose positions are openly against the dictatorship. Cuba will change when that dictatorship is deprived of any way to receive money…, when remittances are suspended, including trips of any kind to the island, and when no one of its "artists" is allowed to enter the United States anymore.

For all this, I extend to you this petition formally in the name of the Cuban political exile in the United States, which unanimously thinks that the cultural exchange must be immediately eliminated and the visas that have been issued, revoked, in order to eliminate the visits of any envoy of that dictatorship be it in the artistic, academic or scientific sector.

Respectfully on behalf of this Cuban community and this political exile.

Mayda Saborit