Demand that Donald Trump & Theresa May punish countries profiting from dog meat & dog fur.

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Each and every day, Our most loyal and trusted companions are being brutally slaughtered for their fur and meat. This market is year-round and those that eat the meat believe that if the animals feel fear and pain then the meat will taste better. They are skinned alive, blow-torched to death, and brutally beaten to death... for money!. We are demanding that this must stop NOW!

This entire industry is insidious and cannot continue. Many Giant corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia consider these countries their home, meanwhile, turning a blind eye to the torture inflicted upon our most trusted companions on a daily basis.

"Unimaginable" levels of pain and suffering are being violently forced upon these sentient beings right under our noses.

It is now that we are able to see with our own eyes, the evil that takes place globally, and we MUST speak out, on their behalf.

South Korea, China, and Vietnam are governments that must comply.

We must join together to demand that our leaders insist that if this does not cease immediately, then we have no alternative to acknowledge that any product manufactured within these countries' boundaries is tainted with the blood of these poor souls; therefore, liable for sanctions.

This evil industry is unacceptable and must be acted upon imminently.

Both, Donald Trump and Theresa May are the two world leaders that have the extended power to end this RIGHT NOW. We need them to act on our behalf; to demand that we cannot accept any products imported from these countries which aren't sanctioned with tariffs. These governments must consent to our core-driven disgust, and demand a cease to these acts of inhumanity, immediately.

Please sign this petition and we will finally hold the power to stop this barbaric, daily, "Hell on Earth".

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