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Demand Donald Trump visit PR & USVI affected by Hurricanes and State Leaders to Help

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Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have suffered a great deal of devastation through the passing of hurricanes Irma & María. Federal aid has been provided through central government but the President of the United States has yet to visit the islands. He needs to see the devastation first hand to comprehend the level of disaster, but more so, because we deserve equal treatment. These Caribbean islands are United States territory, their people are American citizens. Attention needs to be provided and leadership is necessary. Puerto Rico's debt prior to these natural disasters taking place exceed billions of dollars and in the aftermath, the damage produced is estimated to be approximate to 100billion dollars. People have lost everything and others have nothing. Looting has become a huge issue of safety, due to lack of power, drinking water, and limited gas, across the island. Resource limitations are becoming more common, police are limited and are not enough to help with the security issue, while government personnel is trying to get rescue and attention to parts of the island that no one knows anything about due to communications being down across the island, as well.

Puerto Rico's government has done incredibly in response, despite the physical limitations to reaching many areas, people are still suffering and more help is needed. What we have gotten is not enough. What we have is not enough. Now it is your turn as representatives of each state to help your fellow Americans in need. Help is needed in these islands. Governor Cuomo has already taken a step to our aid, we ask everyone to follow the example. To the very minimum get Donald Trump to visit us, as we are Americans and he is our president. 

To everyone signing the petition, get in contact with your state representative, governor's and mayor's office. HELP IS NEEDED #PRStrong #PRSeLevanta

- United We Stand

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