Declassify remote neural monitoring technology

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Remote neural monitoring technology (and other psychotronic technology) is technology which allows a person to listen to a person's inner dialogue and see a person's thoughts (as well as injecting thoughts, moving body parts, etc). (The tech works by decoding the electromagnetic field emitted from human beings) Currently, this technology is classified and is being used for psychological experimentation on human subjects which can be described as harassment to torturous and cruel and unusual (people use this technology for gangstalking). This same technology has the power to heal pain. This technology, if declassified, could stop crimes before they happen, and can be used to heal pain, but again, the technology is being used for experimentation on human subjects with torturous tactics. These human subjects are called targeted individuals. Some targeted individuals are tortured 24/7 in the name of psychological experimentation. This is psychological assault and this needs to be stopped, as the way in which this technology is being used is highly unethical. Another reason to declassify the technology is transparency. This technology has been being used for decades. It is rumored to be a continuation of MKUltra. 


To Trump: Psychotronic weapons were used against American diplomats at the American embassy in Cuba. Cuba claims this is science fiction but Trump insists Cuba used psychotronic weapons against US diplomata.

Cuban response:

Trump's response:

Original patent for rnm tech :

Follow the company acquisitions (using wikipedia) from Dorne and Margolin in the original patent. It will lead you to Harris Corp, a company that claims to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. 

More proof of gangstalking:

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