Clemency for Christopher J. Hunter

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My request for a sentence commutation has been pending at the Office of the Pardon Attorney since before President Obama left office. The Pardon Attorney contacted my counselor and requested additional information which was sent, but as of now, it still remains unanswered.

In 2005, I rejected a 10-year plea bargain, proceeded to trial for a non-violent drug conspiracy and was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison.

I am NOT a career offender. I was given 27 years in prison for selling one and two ounce quantities of cocaine, NOT whole kilogram sales. The government used the testimony about these one oz. sales, estimated them over several years and was able to ratchet up my sentence beyond what I was charged. They seized less then one kilogram of actual cocaine, but sentenced me for 65-95 kilos based upon this practice, a practice that was heavily used at the time of my trial. My co-defendants on the exact same charge were given two and three year sentences, and are all home free.

There was absolutely no violence in my past, and absolutely no violence involved in my case I am incarcerated on. Again, I was not buying and selling whole kilograms, I had no cartel connections and there is no violence involved.

I was a small time drug dealer and drug addict. I had only been convicted of petty drug crimes, and I began selling cocaine to fund a pill addiction.

I am guilty of selling cocaine and now have an understanding of how drugs hurt peoples families and the community. I truly regret the pain I inflicted on the people I hurt. I take full responsibility!

I have not wasted my time while in prison. I've taken a lot of steps to better myself. I've completed many voluntary programs, I've taken "Parenting", "Ace classes" (Adult continuing education), a 40 hour drug program, a six month 500 hour non residential drug program, "Victim impact", and many more. (All of this can be verified through my case manager and unit team.)

After 9 years of incarceration, I really began to seek change; In 2014 I began attending a Christian service weekly. In 2016 I was baptized here at F.M.C Lexington by Chaplain Caldwell (see Exhibit 1.) I attended and completed "Kingdom Man", and "Minister Study." I began reading scriptures for the Friday night service and even speaking occasionally.

At this time I am currently enrolled in a voluntary program offered through religious services called "Threshold Program." Threshold is a 6 month spiritual based program offered to help men cross the threshold from prison back into society. (See exhibit 4). Threshold is run by Chaplain Ortiz.

I know that most of my problem was flat out laziness. I'm not lazy anymore, prison taught me to work and now I enjoy working. I've been employed at F.M.C Lexington's Unicor customer service department for almost four years (See exhibit 3.) I've taken phone calls, manual orders, and I am a clerk. I've used and learned MS Word, Excel, and 'SAP'.

In addition to working at UNICOR using SAP, I also just this month have completed a 4000 hour customer service apprenticeship program offered through UNICOR and the Department Of Labor. My employers have always given me excellent progress reports.

I am working, taking programs, doing everything I can to never come back. Everything I've submitted can be verified through unit team, chaplain tom Caldwell, or my UNICOOR Supervisor William Banner here at F.M.C Lexington.

I have a son, he was nine years old when I left and now he is 22. He is grown but still needs me, and I need him.

My mother is in her 70s, I need to be there to help her in these last years of her life. I want to see her before she passes away.

Please help me get this letter to the Presidents Attention. I don't know any celebrities or football players who could advocate for me or bring attention to my request, but I need a second chance at life. I am 46 years old, I've been locked up for thirteen years, 27 years for a non violent cocaine charge is excessive. 

I NEED ONE MORE CHANCE AT LIFE!!! I've been sitting here at a low security prison at a desk running a computer using SAP for four years, I could be doing the same thing as a free man.

There is no parole for federal prisoners, no chance of getting any extra good time/ There is nothing that offers a non-violent drug offender a second chance to prove he has changed.

I will not come back to prison. I will not take your help for granted, or make you look bad. I hope to help lead others from this life.

My request for Pardon/sentence commutation is at the very top of a stack pending at the pardon attorneys office. PLEASE HELP ADVOCATE FOR ME, HELP ME GET A SENTENCE COMMUTATION.

Respectfully, Christopher Hunter