Charge The Broward County Sheriff & Deputy With Criminal Negligence For Parkland Shooting

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Armed Broward County deputy Scott Peterson allegedly arrived at the site of the Parkland School shooting within 90 seconds and proceeded to stay frozen in place for over 5 minutes while child after child was gunned down in cold blood by deranged psychopath Nikolas Cruz.

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had been brought to the attention of the Broward County Sheriff's office many times. Reports indicate Broward County deputies had been called to his house 39 times.

Sheriff Israel was sued in the past for misconduct in a wrongful death lawsuit by a whistleblower that alleged coverups.

Additionally, evidence has emerged that the Broward County school system may have participated in a criminal conspiracy with the Broward County Sheriff's Department to cover up crimes in order to meet political quotas, creating an environment of chaos.

They had also reportedly been notified that Cruz had placed a gun to another person's head and was a danger to society.

The FBI was notified in January by a person close to Cruz that he was a danger to murder people and gave them all of his personal information.

In addition, a citizen notified the FBI last year that Cruz had left a comment on his Youtube video that said, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter."

Additionally, the Broward County school system did not expel Cruz despite his long history of fighting and threats.

The Broward County deputy Scott Peterson's inexcusable cowardice and betrayal of his oath directly caused the deaths and wounds to dozens of students. Justice MUST be served.

We call on Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, Rick Scott, the Governor, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions & President Donald Trump to bring criminal negligence charges and manslaughter against Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Broward County deputy Scott Peterson immediately. If they had fulfilled their oath of office and their responsibility to protect the public, children would be alive today.

Additionally, the Broward County school system must be criminally investigated for their negligence in disciplining the school shooter.

Justice must be served. Arrest these negligent criminals immediately for being a danger to society. We the people will not stand for anything less.

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