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Be able to to cancel my mom's removal and stay in the U.S.

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Hi, my name is Jenifer Montemayor-Bernal, I am currently 21 years old. I am a full-time junior in college working on my Biology Major, and I am also a part-time worker. I started this petition to keep my family united. As an American Citizen I have seen how much families have been separated. I have prayed that this would never happen in my family. sadly I don't know what Gods plan might be, but I have faith everything happens for a reason. My mom currently has to leave the country by January 8. She has order of deportation. She has been here for 20 years. My parents pays all there taxes and do everything that every American should do. My father will be a U.S resident in a couple months. Even though, we will be able to have my father here , we still need our mom in our lives. I have  2 brothers, age 10 and another brother that is 8 years old. I also have a little sister age 13.  My little brother age 10 has ADHD/ADD he cries whenever my mom isn't around, he also takes special needs classes in school to be able to grow mentally and have a normal life at his age and adapt to society. I don't want this to cause my brother emotional harm.They are too young to be going through this. I can't imagine how that could feel in such a young age. My mom is a good mother, she keeps care of all of us, prays for me and my siblings whenever we are sick. She is constantly helping and staying up all night and pray for people who are in need of a prayer. She has such strong faith that God will remove mountains. My parents came here for a better life, for all of us. There is so much violence in Mexico, that I just don't want my family to go through it. And especially be apart from my mom. I need her here for my graduation, to be able to be here for my sisters graduation. To support us... We have spent so much money in lawyers and be able to do something for my mom for months so we can stay together. I know so many families go through this but as a whole we can move mountains, we can remove anything that can come our way. The laws need to be change, I understand the laws need to be enforced but my mother is no criminal.  I want it to be seen by USCIS,(ICE), Senate, and even the President of the United States. I feel so devastated that I can't do much for my mom. and so helpless on how many families have been separated and hurt. I need as many signatures as I can so it can help us for it to be seen. please and thank you for your support.   If you want to help with any funds so we can find a great lawyer for my mom then click the link. It doesn't matter the amount , anything counts !.      

Español ---> hola, mi nombre es Jenifer Montemayor-Bernal. Tengo 21 anos. Por el momento estoy llendo a la escuela para biologia major, tambien trabajo un poco. Yo empeze esta peticion para que mi familia esten unida. Como una cuidadana de los Estados Unidos yo e visto muchas families destrosadas por las leyes de orita. Yo siempre orado que nunca lo pase esto a mi familia, pero afortunadamente no se los planes de Dios. Immigracion le dijieron a mi mama que tiene hasta Enero 8 para ir se de el paise. Mi mama tiene orden de deportacion. Ella estado en los Estados Unidos por 20 anos. Mi padres pagan su taxes y hasen todo lo que un Ciudadano de los Estados Unidos debe hacer. Mi padre va obtener su residencia en unos meses. Aunque vamos a tener a mi padre aqui , Tambian necisitamos a mi mama a nuestro lado. tengo 2 Hermanos chicos edad de 10 anos y otro de 8 anos, tambien tango una hermana de 13 anos. Mi Hermano tiene 10 anos y tiene ADHD/ADD. El Llora cuando mi mama no esta cerca de el. Tambien Toma clases de especiasales en la escuela para que el puede crecer mentalmente. No quero que mis Hermanos sufren por lo que esta pasando. Mi Mama , es una buena Madre, siempre ora por nosotros cuando estabamos enfermos. Tambien se quedaba despierta en las madrugada Orando por otra gente que necesitaban horaciones. Ella tiene mucha fe que Dios va a mover montanas y que va hacer un milagro en su vida. Mis padres venieron a los Estados Unidos para que nosotros tengamos una mejor vida. No quiero que separen a mi mama de nosotros, Ella es nuestra roca. Es una Guerrera. Gastamos mucho dinero en abojados para que degen a mi mama quedarse mas Tiempo. Yo se que muchas familias pasan por esta tormenta, pero juntos puedemos lograr todo. mi mama no es un criminal. Las leyes necesita cambiar, Yo quiero que lo miren USCIS, ICE, El Senador, y tambien hasta el Presidente de Los Estados Unidos. Yo me siento fatal que no puedo hacer mucho por mi mama, pero con la ayuda de ustedes puedemos a firmar para que el gobierno lo pueda quieren donar para ayudarnos pagar por un abojado bueno puede planar el link -------->


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