Ban trophy hunters from importing Elephant parts into the United States

Ban trophy hunters from importing Elephant parts into the United States

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A ban set in 2014 which prevented trophy hunters from bringing elephant body parts into the United States has been reversed, this reversal will allow big game hunters to import their slain victims body parts into the US from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The bans purpose was to reduce the death toll on an already threatened Animal under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA). In the last 100 years Global elephant numbers have declined from over 10 Million to as little as 400,000 and are dying at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes.

Elephant numbers are declining at a greater rate than they reproduce with experts estimating they could go extinct from the wild within as little as 50 years, therefore allowing trophy hunters to kill a declining species is only going to cause unnecessary devastation to the African elephants population and their chances of survival. 

In the last decade alone elephant numbers have dropped by 30%, allowing the importation of elephant body parts into the country is directly promoting wildlife decimation not Protection. Furthermore, Africa's animals belong in Africa, not on American walls! 

We will remain proactive and use our voice to make it known that we do not condone this propoposition and do not want a reversal of a ban that was put in place to protect this declining species.  

Please sign this petition, it may only take a few seconds but could mean an Elephant somewhere will get to live out the remainder of its life.


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