Urgent: Demand China to Stop Secretly Transporting Millions of Uyghurs to Inner China!

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Urgent Call to the World: Demand China to Stop Secretly Transporting Millions of Uyghur Detainees from East Turkestan (Xinjiang) to Inner China!

 Torchlight Uyghur Group


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October 19, 2018

According to the Chinese Government statistics, the total population of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region) was 11.3 million in 2015. However, Uyghur Organizations around the world estimate based on the official natural growth rate of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan that the actual number is not less than 20 million. During an interview with the Al-Jazeera network in September 2018, the Chinese government’s spokesman Victor Gao claimed that the total population of Uyghurs in East Turkestan is about 6 or 7 million. His statement alarmed the Uyghurs around the world: Where are the rest of the Uyghurs? What has happened to the remaining 4 or 5 million people within the last 3 years? Who is making them disappear from their own land? How is it happening? We strongly demand China to answer these questions.

 It is reported on October 4th, 2018 on DNN, one of the most popular Swedish media, that evidences show that the Chinese government is secretly transporting the Uyghurs on the locked and windowless trains to unknown destinations of China Proper. The news informed the world of an ominous future of the Uyghurs.

 Other media organizations also reported similar news with a specific location: Uyghurs are being transported to the Gansu province of China, a land bordering with East Turkestan in the Northwest.

 New Tang Dynasty TV station reported on July 17th, 2017 that the Chinese government was building an enormous prison located at the vast Gobi desert where East Turkestan borders with Gansu and showed the specific dimensions of the prison, which is 17 km long from east to west and 9.5 km wide from north to south. The facility has a capacity to hold up to 1 million prisoners and was built in a deep desert, making it impossible for anyone to escape (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypeaPF02J_s&t=74s

 Radio Free Asia obtained some information from a policeman in Konasheher County, East Turkestan on the secret transportation of Uyghurs to the Inner China. The policeman informed the RFA that transporting the Uyghurs from East Turkestan’s concentration camps and prisons to the facilities in Inner Lands has already begun. The RFA investigated the affair and reported that a group of Uyghurs have been secretly transported to Tailai city of Hei Longjiang province in the northeastern China, a place that is 4,699 km away from East Turkestan. The infamous Tailai prison is one of the places that have been used to lock up the Fa Lun Gong group members.

 We suspect that the Chinese government is planning to make more than 14 million Uyghur people disappear and to leave no evidence by taking them to the unknown facilities within China Proper.

 Why, you may ask, is the Chinese government being in a hurry to “hide” the Uyghurs by secretly transporting them to other provinces from East Turkestan?

 The main reason is the statements from the United Nations, United States and other countries at the United Nation’s recent meetings on the incarceration of more than 1 million innocent Uyghurs in concentration camps in East Turkestan. At the UN meeting held on August 10th, 2018, Gay McDougall, a member of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, stated that they had received credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uyghurs in China are held in what resembles a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy.” The U.S. mission to the United Nations said it was “deeply troubled by reports of an ongoing crackdown on Uyghurs and other Muslims in China” and called on China to free those arbitrarily detained Uyghurs. Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, stated on October 15, 2018, that "at least a million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities have been imprisoned in so-called 're-education camps' in western China," and that "It is the largest internment of civilians in the world today."

 In response to above statements, the Chinese government rejected it but showed no further evidence to counter their claim. However, GPS photos and media reports proved the existence and the locations of the camps in East Turkestan and confirmed that the numbers of the Uyghur people in these facilities are doubled between 2015 and 2018. Millions of innocent Uyghurs are detained without trial at the so-called “re-education” camps to be brain-washed, tortured, as well as traumatized by the Chinese regime.

 Meanwhile, the United States government and the members of the Congress stated that they are closely monitoring the China-Uyghur issue; the members of the Congress also signed letters and made statements, urging the US government to employ the Global Magnitsky Act to punish the Communist Party leaders, such as Chen Quanguo, whom are the main planner and executers of the concentration camp building project in East Turkestan.

 As a result of these international pressures, the Chinese government has to respond to the world. Their tactic is to deceive the world by hiding and wiping the evidence off of the concentration camps and removing the people detained there by secretly transporting them to other unknown locations. In this way, the Chinese government could either say “there is no such thing as re-education camps in East Turkestan” or “there are no detainees at the camp facilities because we did not detain any Uyghur person”.

 Why is the Chinese government carrying out a genocide on Uyghurs? The answer lies in the importance of the East Turkestan for the Chinese economy and the national defense. East Turkestan is a land rich with natural resources, such that it provides China with 95% of natural gas, 70% of mineral resources, and 65% of cotton in total. In addition, this occupied land is the source of 99% of organ harvesting market in China. Last but not least, the important geopolitical location of East Turkestan is crucial to the national defense and foreign markets. To totally occupy and control this land, the only way the Chinese government sees is to wipe out the Uyghur people from their motherland and relocate Han Chinese in East Turkestan to dominate the region.

 As you are reading these lines, a genocide is being executed on Uyghurs in East Turkestan; the Chinese government is secretly detaining them at the concentration camps, traumatizing them, forcing them to denounce their religion, and announcing the Communist party as their God. Millions of innocent Uyghur parents were detained without trial, and their children are taken to orphanages and being raised as Han Chinese. Millions more Uyghurs are being transported to unknown locations and being made disappear secretly and silently. All these evils are happening right at this moment, in the 21st century where the democracy, human rights, world peace and globalization are at their peak.

 What can you do for Uyghur people? You can sign this petition, demand the Chinese government to stop transporting millions of Uyghurs to unknown locations, and close all the concentration camps in East Turkestan. For you it is just one click, but for the Uyghur people, it means one beam of light and 100% hope. Please be generous with your signatures and spread the word to your friends and families. As your fellow human beings, we, the Uyghurs, thank you in advance.

 Together we unite, there is no divide! Please be the voice of the voiceless, the hand of the handless and the hope of the hopeless! Please share, for sharing is caring! Thank you!

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