Release aid to Puerto Rico

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Since early January, Puerto Rico has suffered multiple powerful earthquakes, destroying thousands of homes, hospitals, and schools. These shocks ripped through an island still crippled by one of the most powerful hurricanes the region has ever seen, Hurricane Maria. Imagine an already bruised infrastructure still recovering and now feeling the weight of another natural disaster.

Puerto Ricans desperately need our help – yet President Trump is blocking aid to the island.

This money has been approved by Congress, but the Trump administration is withholding it due to “financial mismanagement” – even though there is nothing to suggest that Puerto Rico cannot manage the funds. People are sleeping on the streets, and living without running water or electricity due to Trump’s blatant disdain for their suffering. 

Puerto Ricans are American citizens and have a legal right to this aid money. But more importantly, we are humans and this behavior is typical of a president who would rather play politics with people’s lives than help them.

Every second that goes by puts more Puerto Ricans at risk. Hospitals don’t have the power or water they need to treat patients, schools are unsafe for students to enter. Families want to return to their homes. 

President Trump: release the aid. Help Puerto Rico get back on its feet.