Prohibit slaughter in kennels of the State of Texas

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Prohibit slaughter in the kennels of the state of Texas.

Addressed to:
President of the United States of America: Donald Trump

Governor of the State of Texas:

Greg Abbott

In the state of Texas, dogs and cats are abused and slaughtered only by overpopulation, without giving them time to be adopted. In addition to not having the necessary minimum necessary conditioning such as: water food medical care cleaning all this captured in images such as video photos and statements.

The government of the United States must supervise and regulate in accordance with the animal protection law of the United States of America the kennels of the State of Texas, prohibiting and punishing any irregularity in the process that they take in these places to give in adoption to pets, so they must also provide them:
Medical care
Enough time to make adoption feasible to prevent further abuse.
Promote adoption
Promote sterilization and free vaccination to avoid overpopulation.
It is also necessary that an investigation be done about the methods of sacrifice carried out in these places, since there are statements that indicate absolute cruelty that is not necessary in their methods of mass euthanasia and regardless of giving only a few hours that are not enough to achieve spread and save the animals from the cruel fate of kennels in HOUSTON TEXAS. This one of the most recent and most annoying cases has caused a sacrificed dog along with its five puppies and another case of a female slaughtered while pregnant.
We must prohibit this abuse and sacrifice as we are promoting irresponsibility towards vulnerable people that we must protect and we are being accomplices in the murder of defenseless people who are not to blame for having been born on the street or having been abandoned by irresponsible people who left . They were exposed to the danger of the streets and finally came to a kennel to die in the most cruel way without medical attention and without giving them the opportunity to be adopted.
We need all possible signatures to stop this massacre in the state of Houston, Texas.