People Against Puppy Mills

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My Booboo, was a Lab/Akita mix, large breed dog. She was FORCED  to breed OVER AND OVER again, in a PUPPY MILL. Only a young pup herself, she was HELD CAPTIVE and was given NO CHOICE. Her "home" was a small wire bottomed cage. She couldn't stand fully upright and when she did try, her paws/toes would become caught in the wired floor. Her front teeth were  worn to the gums from her trying to chew her way OUT of the cage she was imprisoned in, for 4 years. She was constantly in pain. She was fed bug infested food and filthy water. Her living conditions as well as the other dogs that surrounded her, were, like her food, filthy and bug infested. She was never taken out of her cage. She couldn't stretch her legs or run freely on the soft grass. She herself was filthy from her own feces and urine. Her cage was "cleaned" by a power washer which inflicted yet more pain.

After countless litters, at the age of 4, she was rescued along with her 6 puppies. Her puppies found safe, clean and happy homes. Booboo however had learned that humans were her enemies. She trusted NO ONE. She had lived her first 4 years in hell. We had the privilege of adopting her. She came to us with fear in her eyes, her gums raw and her tail between her legs. But in spite of that, there was a glimmer of hope. She never knew what it was like to play, fetch a ball, or run free in the grass. 

A whole new life was ahead of her and we were blessed to have had her 9 more years. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February of 2017 at the age of 13.

Her story had a happy ending but THOUSANDS of other dogs are not so lucky. We since have adopted a golden retriever. She was not a puppy mill mama, but she was born in one and taken from her mama too soon. She has many health issues, not uncommon for puppy mill puppies. But she is happy. She runs and plays and brings us much joy!

It is for Booboo and all the other puppy mill mamas and daddies that I speak up for. We have to be their voice. Thousands of dogs are being tortured and held captive.

Puppy mills all over the United States need to be shut down. The people who run these horrific places need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of religious beliefs.

NO ONE should be above the law! ANY KIND of abuse willingly inflicted on innocent humans and/or animals by ANY ONE, SHOULD NOT be tolerated. There should be NO EXCEPTIONS!
Punishment by our UNITED STATES government towards people who operate these puppy mills, usually consists of a slap on the wrist, a "shame on you" and a minimal fine, if any. They are then set free to resume abusing God's innocent creatures. Why do they do this?

First, because our laws protect these animal abusers for religious reasons. THIS IS WRONG! The laws NEED TO BE CHANGED in such a way that NO ONE is exempt from punishment. 

Second, the majority of people who run/operate Puppy Mills claim to be "God fearing Christians". BUT when it comes right down to it, NO God fearing Christian would mistreat ANY living creature. They WOULD NOT purposefully inflict pain, harm or abuse ANY ONE of God's creations, whether they be human or animal.

But what it ultimately comes down to is MONEY. These dogs are a "cash crop" and bring in big bucks. Thousands of puppies are sold each year for hundreds of dollars. The breeders reap the benefits, while the dogs live in hell. The breeders only see dollar signs. The dogs are unhealthy, don't receive proper veterinarian care and live in horrific conditions. And when the dogs can no longer reproduce, they are "disposed of". Often left to suffer and die or be killed. This makes room for more dogs to endure unthinkable pain and suffering, at the hands of GREEDY, MONEY HUNGRY, INHUMANE people.