Pardon General Michael Flynn & Roger Stone

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Lt. General Michael Flynn and political consultant Roger Stone have both been railroaded by politically motivated prosecutors who have sought to punish anyone who helped elect Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Both of these patriots have fallen victim to a judicial system full of Obama appointees and high-level Hillary Clinton donors. Both are due to be sentenced and imprisoned for helping elect Donald Trump early next year. This cannot stand.  

We are asking that President Donald J. Trump immediately issue a full presidential pardon for Flynn and Stone. This is the United States of America... impeachment scams and politically motivated show trials are simply not how we do business in this country. 

Americans stand firmly against these maneuvers by the jealous and bitter "Deep State", which still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Now is the time to stand for liberty and freedom... END THE WITCH-HUNTS, SHOW TRIALS, IMPEACHMENT SCAMS. 

Start by pardoning Michael Flynn and Roger Stone!