Legalize Undocumented Immigrants

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Petition to start a system to allow undocumented people to become citizens of the USA


I would like the US government to issue a card system similar to the green card used by people coming into this country legally. For purposes of discussion I will call it an orange card system. The basic principles would be to issue a card to each undocumented person to get them into the system. This will offer them some protection of not being deported accidently. The basic purpose of this is not to take away from the green card which generally takes about 5 years. The orange card system would take ten years. The first five one would have to be on their best behavior. And crimes determined by the US would automatically result in termination of the program and deportation. The principles would have to show in the first five years they are not criminals and have US values at heart. Completing the first five years would automatically qualify them for a green card and be on their way towards citizenship.


I have started this because the problem has just gotten so big there is no good way to resolve this.  Too many good people would be hurt by disrupting their life to be sent back to a dangerous place. But at the same time to send undocumented criminals back. I realize this is a simple outline but I am no expert at this. I see nothing being done by our leaders of both sides. I also know once they get working on this if they do they will drag it out forever turning it into a big project like they always do. This is a big problem and we need to step up and resolve it. So let’s get the votes needed to get them to work on something.