Keep the Park by the Post Office downtown Shelton, and keep the tree lighting tree.

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Good Afternoon,

It has come to my knowledge of a great loss that will be taken place in Mason County. For many years and generations, the towns Christmas festivities has been a source of happiness and holiday cheer for the town. Everyone comes to downtown Railroad for the festivities. The Mason County Forest Festival Royalty Court and the Miss Mason County Court come down to see the children and take pictures. Railroad Avenue is blocked off and the local firefighters and the Manke family line the middle of the road with little fire pits to roast marshmallows with the community. The local businesses stay open and have a scavenger hunt with prizes for everyone to participate in. All the school choirs line up on a stage that was brought in to the park that is next to the post office to sign holiday songs. The local Santa Clause comes down and does pictures, along with a couple of local bands play in the white gazebo, that has been around for as long as anyone can remember. But the best and my most favorite part, the Christmas tree lighting. The large tree that towers over the park next to the post office and behind the old train on railroad avenue, is the source of green lights that everyone waits all year to see. I have been going to the Christmas tree lighting downtown since I was very young. I was the 2018 Queen of the Forest for the Mason County Forest Festival, and even though I am alumni these traditions and amazing moments for everyone no matter what walk of life you are is important.
It was recently released saying that the government is planning on taring down this park. They want to put in a parking lot, where one is not needed. I know that this is a long shot, but I am looking for help. I need help to save the holiday tradition that every person young and old looks forward to each year. This is more than a park, this is how our community comes together, it truly is sad just thinking that a government such as our own would take away something that means more than gold to this society.

Please help me save a part of Mason County, a part that means the world to everyone living here.

- Shelton, Washington