Give Jim Acosta's Press Pass to Alex Jones

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After the media aided in wrongly deplatforming Alex Jones, it is ironic to see CNN suing over Jim Acosta losing his press pass. We believe it should be given to Alex Jones, or any one of the InfoWars reporters.

Reasons being:

  1. Alex Jones, nor any of the InfoWar's reporters have ever never laid their hands on a woman.
  2. InfoWars asks real questions and does proper investigative journaling.
  3. InfoWars does not lie or falsify stories as CNN has done countless times.

Examples of CNN's false journalism

  • CNN telling people that reading Hillary's emails was illegal: 


  • The time they counted BB gun bruises as "School shootings."


  • Staging fake hurricane rescues


  • Cutting feeds of interviews when the person challenged their narrative


  • Tracking down and doxing people they disagree with


And after Jim Acosta put his hands on a woman, we now thoroughly believe without a doubt that this is not a suitable organization that should be allowed to practice journalism in the White House, and it is now an immediate threat to not only women across the world, but the entire nation's safety and well being as well.

We the People ask that you give Jim Acosta's Press Pass and privlages to Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Thank you for your time.