Funds for families that have children with cancer.

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Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer a year. Their parents are the people who stick by their side day in and day out. We have to watch our child suffer and waste away. On top of that, Almost all of us are going through it with little to no help at all. Many parents go without meals, Showers, and are away from our families for months to years at a time. We are begging everyone for help to keep our lights on. To keep a roof over our heads. And, it all depends on how many kind friends we have on social media.

My daughter has stage 4 brain cancer. We are doing everything we can to stay afloat while caring for our daughter in treatments. The costs of treatments alone is enough to completely sink a family into debt.

I am just asking for our Government to set aside a little bit of funds to ease the burden from families like mine. So many of these parents are having to worry about even more. They have to figure out how to pay for burial and funeral costs after they just lost the most precious thing in their lives. It is too much on so many families.

I know most that most people will never have to deal with this. But, Alot of families do. Whether it is in the form of a grant or a loan.. Please do something to ease the burden off of these families. We will not give up. We cant give up for our children. We are all they have. Please, Lets make a difference. Lets get our voices heard. #NaomiStrong #WeareFAMily