Free Ana Alvarez

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Ana Alvarez, a medical doctor, was sentenced to 30 years in prison and assessed $8,289,286 in restitution, after working for an HIV clinic that fraudulently used Ana's Medicare provider number to file claims without her knowledge or consent. After working a month, she went to the FBI with her suspicions. She wanted to quit immediately.

The FBI asked her to stay and gather information for them, which she did, after the FBI assured her that she would not be charged with any crimes if she cooperated. Ana wore a wire and made a videotape. After four months, the FBI had enough evidence and Ana quit working at the HIV center and went to work at another medical center. Four years later, she was charged with Medicare fraud that included a conspiracy involving seventeen clinics in Florida owned by the Benetiz Brothers, whom she had never met. Ana turned down a 12-month "deal" offered by the Prosecutor, because she felt she was innocent and was advised against by her own attorneys. She was the whistle blower and, if she had quit when she first went to the FBI, she would never have been charged as the clinic had not yet used her Medicare number. But, because she trusted the FBI agents, she worked another three months. The clinics' managers all gave evidence for lesser sentences, Ana received the longest sentence and all of the restitution.

She has already been incarcerated for 12+ years. All the other employees of the clinics have been released and are home. Ana has 16 more years to serve.  During Trial Ana was accused and received backlash for treating patients with Platelet Rich Plasma which is now being used by many doctors, plastic surgeons, and dentists as a effective and safe way to heal wounds. Ana is now 66 years old is being awaited at home by her parents who are both physically and medically not well and both age into their 90's. Also Ana has a daughter in college who needs her mother and a nephew who recently graduated high school and lost his mother at a young age and looks up to his Aunt. Please sign the petition asking President Trump to act favorably on Ana's clemency application.