Clemency for Elisa Castillo A Non-Violent Drug Offender Sentenced To Life Without Parole

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My name is Nidia Cano. One of two Daughters of Elisa Castillo who was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 53 for a nonviolent drug offense. She has been in prison since 2008. She is now 64 years old.

Our mother was arrested just six months after our father past away in 2007. It has really affected our entire family mentally and physically. Life hasn’t been the same ever since .She is our back bone and all we have left we really need her in our lives.

My kids are growing up knowing there grandma only by visitations on the weekends.
When I take my kids to visit my mother and she ask “How are we doing?” I always tell her “We are doing good.” But it is with a fake smile, knots in our throats and holding back tears. It gets harder and harder because each time she is getting older and older and just the thought of the only time she would be leaving will be when her heart stops beating is killing me inside.

Our Grandmother (my mom’s mother) passed away recently and we can only now pray that my mother does not pass away while she is in prison.

President Trump believe me when I tell you my mother is not a bad person. Please grant her clemency so she can be with us once again and not die in prison. Please.