Bring Joe Giudice Home

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Joe Giudice has recently served his time in Federal Prison and was sent to ICE where the recent news of his request for him not to get deported from the United States of America was denied. This man needs to come home to his wife and 4 daughters. This country allows sex offenders, pedophiles and other disgusting criminals to roam freely in America if they are on a list. Joe committed a minor crime where he did his time, paid everything him and his family owed and now it is time to come home. If he doesn't get granted the right to come home to his family then he will get deported from Italy. Please sign this petition in order for some change to be done. This man isn't a threat or danger to society, this man didn't kill or attack anyone. This man made a mistake which him and his wife Teresa did their time. This is beyond unfair that this man and his family now has to suffer more than the past 3 years that this has been going on for.