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Ask Trump to end affirmative action

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  240 years ago, our founding fathers brought upon this land a country conceved in liberty and on the belief that all people are created equaly. Our country has a big problem, afirmative action, which is giving special consideration to certain people simply because of their skin color,gender and so on. It also means sometimes setting qoutas. This goes against everything this country was built upon.
Not only is afirmative action currently legal, but it is also reqiured for federal contractors. This means that the people are punished for working with the government and not only allows, but forces them to discriminate. Regardless of if it is against their religous and moral beliefs to discriminate. Trump has said that he will take away all job killing regulations, well here is one, the federal contractor affirmative action reqiurement. Trump said that he gave up on taking away affirmative action, but this is wrong. You see the Republicans have a majority in congress and without Obama to veto it, the new bill will pass and become the supreme law of the land. The bill is as fallows:
" The 2016 civil rights act:
Afirmative action in employement or education shall not be used in the United States or in any state or territory subject to it's jurisdiction. Afirmative action is to be interprited as a violation of federal anti discrimination laws and shall be prosecuted as a violation of such."
Now this will as the 1964 civil rights act be passed and we shall let Trump know that this is something worth fighting for. This is how we make America great again. Together we will make America great again.

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