Don't stop investigating until we find Vadym. Sign and share!

Don't stop investigating until we find Vadym. Sign and share!

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Vadym is a person with a big heart who brightens up any get together with friends. But Vadym was swallowed up by the earth on September 3rd. 

The Catalan police say that 'he will be back'. But all his friends know that he has disappeared against his will. We demand that the Justice department and Mossos d'Esquadra (catalan Police) do not stop the investigation. What's more: we demand that they start it, because, since he disappeared, they haven't even investigated when his mobile was last active.

It has been more than 30 days since Vadym disappeared. At first, we thought it was very strange that he had disappeared and even more so under the following circumstances. He was going to Kiev, Ukraine, to visit his mother for her birthday. The day before, he had bought a ticket to go to see her and was in contact with Andrei, his friend, who would be waiting for him at the airport. They were to then have dinner and spend that night together after months of not seeing each other. Vadym, had started working at Apple Barcelona to develop utilities for Siri. He is an engineer, with a degree and doctorate in engineering with a brilliant resume and even some patents for electronic projects that he had developed himself. A highly creative person with fashion, docile and loved by his large family of friends in Barcelona.

The news came on September 4. Andrei, his friend in Kiev, contacted us to ask about Vadym. He had not arrived at the airport in Kiev, nor given any sign of life since the previous day: at 1:30pm on Friday September 3rd his last whatsapp message was to Andrei 'I'm on my way to the Airport to T2'. Since then, his cell phone has appeared to be switched off with the last connection being the same Friday at 2:30pm, on his way to the airport, where he was supposed to catch a flight to Kiev at 3:55pm. We don't know what happened in that short time interval.

In the first few hours there was confusion. Calls to friends, hospitals, the airport... no one knew anything about Vadym's whereabouts. A few hours later, when it became possible to file a missing person's report with the police, we went to the Mossos d'Esquadra police station in Ciutat Vella, where an agent took the report from his common-law partner and best friend here. In that statement, the agent considered that many of the (important) details that were being recounted were of no interest to the investigation, so he didn't even write them down. 'Think that in these cases, many of the disappearances are voluntary,' he told them. At the time, this went unnoticed, but as the hours and days went by, the inactivity of the police began to weigh heavily.

They took absolutely no statement from anyone in Vadym's entourage. His family and friends know that Vadym does not leave his best friend in Kiev and his mother, and her birthday celebrations, waiting for him to arrive, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing that the police were not making the slightest effort, we turned to a lawyer to bring the case before a judge who could issue a series of measures to move the investigation forward. The lawyer contacted the Mossos d'Esquadra police to ask them to investigate the last place where he was seen alive: the house where he had just moved. They went there and sealed his room. A complaint was also sent to the court, which gave us a hearing for September 30. It was a long wait, and along the way we tried to contact as many people and entities as possible that could help find Vadym.

The Mossos told us that it was better not to announce his disappearance on social networks, as this could damage the ongoing investigation. So, to help the process, we kept it off the networks and media. But, when the hearing was held before the judge, he asked the Mossos for a status on the investigation; to our surprise we saw that there was no such investigation beyond a minimum protocol: asking AENA (the airport) if he had taken any plane (which took up to 15 days to find out that he had not), his bank account movements (through which we only know that he had bought the ticket to Kiev) and to know which phone company he used (of which nothing is known). The Police did not have any information nor have they shared it during this time.  In addition to such impotence and misinformation, the prosecutor at the hearing asked for the case to be dismissed, therefore, not granting permission to his best friend here to represent Vadym and request investigations on his behalf. So, the investigation was stopped in its tracks without any option to continue counting on the Police - Mossos d'Esquadra, not even to know what Vadym's last steps were before completely disappearing.

The reality today is that we do not know where Vadym is. The Police have not investigated the cameras on the route from his home to the airport; they have not triangulated the cell phone, i.e. we do not know where he was at the last point when he connected (Even though he worked for Apple, the police have not even asked for it). The Police are not investigating fundamental facts, nor have they taken this case seriously claiming that 'he would be back'. Today we do not know what to think: whether it's discrimination for being a 'second-class citizen' (gay and of Ukrainian origin), or perhaps there is a more hidden and secret plot against which we are helpless and uninformed. His photo does not even appear on the Police missing person's board, so we understand that there is a clear prejudice of oversight and negligence in a person's disappearance.

As ordinary people, as heartfelt friends of a pure and noble person like Vadym, we cannot allow this story to remain in a court drawer or in Police files where not even the slightest investigation has been undertaken.

We ask for all the support possible to find evidence and explanations that will help us locate our friend, our brother in heart.

Please help us with your signature to demand that the authorities treat this case with due respect. We demand proof as to Vadym's last steps. To know if he could have been the victim of an accident which caused his disappearance, or if he is being kept in a situation against his will. Or perhaps something even worse that we do not dare to imagine; where the pain is doubled thinking that perhaps it's a case of impunity in which, for some reason, there is a lack of responsibility on the authorities' part for the disappearance of our friend

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Con 15.000 firmas, esta petición se convierte en una de las más firmadas en