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Tiger Tony was euthanized recently at age 17. He was the center of  years' legal battles between animal rights activists and a Louisiana truck stop owner, but the Michael Sandlin, owner of truck stop, desires to get another tiger meaning the fight isn’t over.

After undergoing an autopsy, Tony will be taxidermied and displayed in the truck stop restaurant where a predecessor named Sabrina, which died of cancer, is already shown.

The ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund), tried for more than seven years to get Tony moved to a wildlife sanctuary and said in a statement the group was “devastated” that Tony lived out his final days caged.

Truck stop owner, Sandlin told The Advocate he plans to try to get a new tiger to live at the truck stop, which is heavily tiger-themed. The ALDF says its staff will do whatever it can to stop that from happening, and said “We’re going to keep fighting and make sure there’s never another Tony.”

In 2006, Louisiana put restrictions on private big cat ownership. In 2012, Eliseuson said, the ALDF won a judgment against Sandlin that invalidated his permit to own Tony. But in 2014, then-Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) signed a bill into law that exempted Sandlin from the big cat ban.

Sandlin also filed a lawsuit challenging the 2006 state ban on big cat ownership. If he were to invalidate the big cat ban, it would make privately owning exotic big cats legal not only for himself but for anyone in Louisiana. ALDF will continue to fight to uphold the constitutionality of the ban.

We need to stop Michael Sandlin from getting another tiger to put in a cage, so the tiger would not have a most miserable life, like Tony, Rest in peace. Also stop Sandlin from stuffing Tony to have on display in his truck stop restaurant.

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